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Pricing & Plans Update

Happy Tuesday! Today's Blog is just a quick update on some price changes for our packages & products 💪

Plans & Packages

  • We've made adjustments to the prices of some packages which already included tax so that they're still at a similar cost.

  • Packages such as the Unlimited Classes Package now include tax at check out, bringing the total to €86.25 every month.

    • Trainees already subscribed to the package will be charged tax in their next billing cycle.

Products & The Store

  • We've set the website to collect tax at checkout for all products in the store.

  • Products that already included tax in their prices will be reduced to fit their original prices.

Why The Change?

Our passion lies in practising our fitness philosophy with you to help improve your life, be it through increased energy during the day, better sleep in the evening, improved eating habits, advising safe training techniques, & pretty much everything we can help with it in the fitness side of your life. We've gotten pretty damn good at fitness, but we're still learning how to balance business with passion so that we can continue to keep you fit for the long term. There will be small changes while we develop as a business, but it is all to increase and improve our services to give create our perfect environment for training, health, & happiness!

Thank you so much for your feedback, for sharing this journey, & for training with us. It's the greatest honour for us to be able to do and share what we love on the daily with those who support us.

Have an amazing day & see you at training! 💪😁🎉

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