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TFS Online

TFS Online is our solution to the daily challenges that prevent us from training & staying fit. People often express their inability to train due to short time, motivation, confusion, cost, & fear of failing. TFS Online addresses all of these issues by bringing you a new workout every single day with a call to action, we encourage you to work out whenever you like and as much as you like.

We put our energy into every workout to help keep you motivated & the training fresh. Our fitness programs are an amazing resource for everyone getting started on a new fitness goal. We clear up misconceptions, teach you to set goals and how to stay consistent with training. One of the most useful sections in the our fitness guides are the three levels of training programs. Improve all the way from beginner to an advanced trainee with TFS Online.

All of this for an incredibly affordable price. A single €1 a day or €30 for each month. We even offer the first week on us so that you can try it out and see if it is for you. We're always here to help you through the tough parts of training. Message us anytime and we'll get back to you with some advice as soon as possible.


I sincerely hope that TFS Online is as helpful for you as it has been for our subscribers so far. It is an absolute pleasure to work on this & be of service to you.

How we started

TFS Online has been in the works for over a year now. The Pandemic has been hard on everyone we know, which is why we felt obligated to improve our skills as soon as possible to help those in need. Fitness is an essential part of a lot our lives & we understand the frustration of no longer having access to our church of iron. We adapted to training at home and providing workout programs with video tutorials to our family, friends, & clients. After more than a year of training ourselves, we introduce to you TFS Online. Our solution to staying fit, strong, & happy from anywhere.

Take us with you wherever you go & use us to get to your fitness goals sooner and safer. The support from our Patrons has made it possible to launch our own website and develop this service beyond anything we thought it could be.

We can not thank you enough!

How TFS Online Started



Loving the online training videos, they are so so good! Keeping me sanity in


Absolutely loving this platform! Enjoying the range of classes I now have access to and works around my schedule. I went from doing nothing in Jan, Feb and March to now 3 classes or so a week.


First time to give Weighted HIIT a go, really enjoyed the session. Thanks again!

Full Access to Our
Workout Library

Access our TFS Online Services Page where you can choose any of almost 100 workouts & classes!

Daily Workouts

New workouts published to our TFS Online Service Page every single day. There will always be time for a workout!

Fitness Programs

Receive an exclusive coupon for our Fitness Programs & Guides written by us to help you get the most out of your training!

Join the community

Become a part of our amazing and supportive community. Share your experiences and advice with others. Meet new friends & training partners!

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