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November Class Updates!

We've made some changes to our classes

starting next week!

Thank you again to everyone for giving us feedback on how you like your training! It goes a long way toward helping us create the best training environment possible!



General Updates:

- We've moved Wednesday's Ultimate Toning Class Indoors -

- Tuesday's Step & Sculpt Class has been rescheduled to 18:10 PM -

- We've increased the capacity of our classes to 16 people per class -


- We're bringing Tuesday's evening Metafit indoors to the studio at 17:30 PM -

- We're rescheduling Thursday's evening Metafit to 17:30 PM -

- We're continuing the Metafit Session on Saturday's at 11:30 AM -


Thank you again to everyone. The new schedule has been going really well so far and is a pleasure to work with! Getting back indoors allows us to bring you more classes and workouts. We're still balancing our online services and in-person services so that we can keep you fit under every circumstance. We'll also be releasing another important update which you've all been requesting for a while now, so stay tuned for that one!

Have a great evening & Be Fit, Be Strong, Be Happy!

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