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Metafit Update!

Hey! We've made a few changes to Metafit this week. Here's the breakdown for you. 😎


Indoor Sessions: We've brought Tue, Wed, & Thursday Mornings Indoors. We've also added Thursday Evening Metafit indoors, now starting at 17:20 pm. Indoor classes are also €10/Session unless you have your Unlimited Classes Package.

Outdoor Sessions: We'll be keeping Tuesday Evening Metafit outdoors at 17:30 pm.

Though this may change with the weather going deeper into Winter.

Limited Spaces: We are currently only allowing 14 participants in our public classes including Metafit. We've set up more classes to accommodate everybody, but if you are missing your places in class due to max capacity; let us know and we will look into some more classes for you! Otherwise, you can book your classes a few weeks in advance with the Unlimited Classes Package!


Thank you again so much for training with us and leave any suggestions you have in the comments below or get in contact with us directly! Have a great day & Be Fit, Be Strong, Be Happy!!! 🎉🎉

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